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Springville Seasonal - On Tap at Springville
Strap Tank Brewery - Springville

Widow Maker

Spicy Dark Mexican Lager

ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 16 | FG: 2°P | IBU: 25

Widow maker is a dark Mexican lager with a kick! We took a nice malty base beer that has hints of chocolate, biscuit, and corn and added 40lbs of serrano peppers to it! Behind the heat you can find a classic Mexican lager, sweet malty flavor with a hint of corn that makes it easy to drink and thirst quenching. The spiciness is not overwhelming but does linger on the palate. 

Appearance: Amber with red hues, tan fluffy head 
Aroma: Fresh Peppers, slight corn like graininess, baked bread 
Flavor: Spicy pepper, fresh toast, grainy, sweet caramel, light chocolate 
Mouthfeel: Medium light body with a crisp finish

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