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Truffle Shuffle

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Milk Stout
*Contains Lactose*
*Contains Chocolate*

ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 33 | FG: 4.4°P | IBU: 20

HEY YOU GUYS!!! For this Valentine’s Day Holiday, our Brewers decided to make an “Oh So Sweet Treat of a Beer” to go with all your Valentine’s needs. Introducing our Truffle Shuffle Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Milk Stout!
This Milk Stout was made with 2-Row, Chocolate Pale and some help from Ghirardelli Cacao. To make this Valentine’s beer shine is tying it together with some Raspberry and a touch of lactose to bring it all together. Enjoy this Valentine’s beer with your Valentine or with yourself… It’s great either way!

Appearance: Milk Chocolate Brown, Low White Head
Aroma: Chocolate Bar with Raspberry Jam, Low Earthy Aroma
Flavor: Hint of Raspberry Jam in a Chocolate Spread, Slight Bitterness complimented with Residual Sweetness
Mouthfeel: Medium to Medium Full Body, Easy to Drink with Lingering Chocolate Raspberry-Full Mouthfeel

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