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Brewers Batch - On Tap at Springville
Strap Tank Brewery - Springville

Pumpkin Potion

Pumpkin spice-Chai Sour 


ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 9 | FG: 2.4°P | IBU: 5

Pumpkin spice, Chai, and a sour beer all combined into one? This beer was Head Brewer Julia’s crazy halloween/fall dream, and luckily all flavors work wonderfully together! This sour is one you won’t want to miss out on, it is sweet, tart, and tastes like fall!  

Happy Fall Ya’ll! 

Appearance:Dark gold with orange hues, Slightly hazy 
Aroma: Chai, Pumpkin, Spices, hint of tartness
Flavor: Sweet, tart, Pumpkin, chai tea, spices 
Mouthfeel: light- medium body, crisp, bubbly

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