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Springville Seasonal - On Tap at Lehi
Strap Tank Brewery - Lehi

Pie or Die

Fruited Philly Sour 

ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 2 | FG: 2°P | IBU: 5

Pie or Die is a key lime pie sour. We used philly sour yeast, a yeast strain that actually produces lactic acid and makes the beer sour. We then added key lime puree, lactose, graham cracker, and heavy cream everything you need to make a key lime pie! This is the definition of a dessert beer! It is sweet and tart and tastes like you are eating a pie. Cheers!


Appearance: Hazy, lemony yellow, soft white head that disappears quickly 
Aroma: Lime, Peach, Sour, Malty sweet, whipped cream 
Flavor: Graham cracker crust, meringue, key lime pie, sweet, sour lime
Mouthfeel: Medium- full body, sour pucker with sweet finish, Fizzy carbonation 

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