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Peach, Please

Peach Kölsch

ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 5 | FG: 2.1°P | IBU: 20

Indulge in the enchanting allure of Peach-Infused Kolsch, a brew that captures the essence of a sun-kissed summer. With each sip, a burst of juicy peach dances upon your taste buds, leaving a trail of delight. Its crispness refreshes like a gentle breeze, while the sweetness beckons with a tantalizing allure. A symphony of flavor that ignites the senses, the power Peach Kolsch is a liquid embodiment of summer's bliss.

Appearance: Golden Peach Color with Lovely White Head.
Aroma: Gentle Peach Pie Crust with Peach Fruit Nose, Low Malt Aroma.
Flavor: Soft Bready Peach with Low Malty Sweetness. 
Mouthfeel: Medium-Medium Light Body with Moderate Carbonation. Smooth/Crisp. Peachy Bread Finish.

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