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Brewers Batch - On Tap at Springville
Strap Tank Brewery - Springville

Juniper & Spruce

Golden Sour

ABV: 5.0% | SRM: 5 | FG: 1.6°P | IBU: 5

Juniper and Spruce is golden sour brewed with actual juniper and spruce. Brewers Julia and Nick went foraging for spruce needles and juniper to put into this beer, creating a unique experience. It has a lingering pine taste that makes you want to go back for more. Juniper and spruce is the essence of a winter hike through the forest. 

Appearance: Light gold, clear, fluffy white head 
Aroma: tart, hint of malt, juniper berries 
Flavor: Sour, Spruce, pine, juniper berries, malty undertones 
Mouthfeel: sour, light body, crisp, clean

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