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Strap Tank Brewery - Springville


Japanese-style Rice Lager

ABV: 5.0% / SRM: 2 / FG: 2°P / IBU: 12

Fat cat is a Japanese-stye rice lager, it was made with a large percent of rice and only Pilsen Malt. This makes it a very light and easy beer to drink. The rice comes through making the beer light and refreshing. There are subtle notes of malty sweetness.

We used a thiolized yeast strain, that brings out amazing tropical and fruity flavors from both the malt and hops. Fat cat has wonderful pear, guava, and grape notes to it. All compliment the rice and malt backbone of this beer. It is refreshing, balanced, and effervescent.

Appearance: Straw yellow, clear, white foamy head 
Aroma: guava, tropical, pear, grape, hints of rice and malt
Flavor: Malty, rice, pear, crisp, clean 
Mouthfeel: low body, high carbonation 

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