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Easy Rider

ABV: 4.3% | SRM: 13 | IBU: 8

Easy Rider is a riff on a classic amber lager but with a huge twist. We made the malt profile super complex to bring out some herbaceous/toasty/biscuity notes to make a background characteristic much like a pie crust. We then lagered the beer for 6 weeks to make sure it cleaned up nicely. After lagering was completed 84lbs of Blackberry was then put onto the beer to add more complexity. What we are left with is a not so sweet blackberry pie beer. A very subtle fruit characteristic was added to allow the malt complexity to shine through and not be just a simple fruit bomb. Very low hop profile so the fruit and malt can be the star of the beer. The beer ends dry, not sweet, to allow the drinker to keep coming back for more.

Appearance: Amber, soft white/bone colored head
Aroma: Malty, subtle roasted notes, blackberry seed
Taste: Light to Medium body, dry, subtle blackberry sweetness, dry blackberry seed-like characteristics

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