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Celestial Lineage


12 IBU | 5 SRM | 4.65%

Celestial Lineage is a riff on a classic Cologne style Kolsch. This beer is brewed with 100% German malt and Hops. Kolsch yeast provides a fruity background but doesn't disturb the hop profile. This beer was not made in a traditional fashion to add some different complexities one wouldn't typically see in this style. The brewer salts used were increased to add some more minerality to the beer. Lactic acid was increased, and the beer was slightly under pitched (yeast) to create a lower PH for enhanced drinkability. 

This beer has been hopped with Hersbrucker and the nose retains a heavy herbaceous note with subtle minerality backing it. The body is light yet retains a subtle malty sweetness undertone. The whole goal of this beer was to create something extremely light, herbaceous, and out of line with our current list of beers. It comes from the cosmos, much like you. Grab a pint and look up at the night sky and reflect on your lineage.

Appearance: Copper to yellowish hue on the outside of the glass, light cream color foam
Aroma: Herbaceous, subtle malt sweetness, minerality bordering on light strike. 
Taste: Light, malty sweetness as it warms, crisp and clean/minerality and herbaceous when colder. A very light body with subtle fruity undertones.

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