Strap Tank Brewery is the vision of land developer and Salisbury Homes owner Rick Salisbury along with his wife Vickie, who have lived in Springville for more than 50 years.

"Utah County has been living through a spirited drought for nearly a century, with no legal beer brewers operating within its borders since before Prohibition. Still, when restaurant consultant Joe Lambert was approached about helping launch a brewery in one of Utah's most conservative communities, everyone told him to run in the opposite direction. "A brewery in Utah County seemed like an oxymoron," said Lambert, who was formerly the president of Salt Lake Brewing Company."

"But the multimillion-dollar project involved Utah County home builder Rick Salisbury. The owner of Salisbury Homes wanted his passion for vintage motorcycles to be the restaurant and brew pub's overriding theme." 

"Built on the same property as [Legends Motorcycle Museum], which Salisbury also owns, the brewery is designed to look like the original Harley Davidson motorcycle factory in Milwaukee."

Guests enjoying Strap Tank Brewery are welcome to walk over to the museum to see an all original 1907 Strap Tank, only one of three in existence, along with an entire collection of extremely rare and vintage bikes.